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Meet Krista Gieske, Esq.


Ms. Gieske graduated with honors from Salmon P. Chase College of Law in 2005.  Prior to opening her own practice, Ms. Gieske fulfilled a longtime goal and served seven years as a judicial clerk for the Ohio Court of Appeals in Middletown.  This experience was a rewarding and valuable prologue to her venture into private practice.  Ms. Gieske loves the law and is excited to serve clients by operating her own firm.

In her spare time, Ms. Gieske enjoys listening to music, reading, good company, and laughing.  She adores learning about new cultures and, because she fancies herself a foodie, sampling different ethnic cuisines.  Ms. Gieske heartily believes in the benefits of meditation, and in leading a life of hard work and perseverance coupled with compassion and tolerance.

Ms. Gieske is currently licensed in good standing in the state of Ohio.  Her federal court admissions include the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio and the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.  Ms. Gieske anticipates gaining admission to the Kentucky bar in April 2018.


How Do You Say "Gieske?"

It's simple, really.

            Family joke: How do you open a goose door?  With a geese key!  (Admittedly, it's only funny if you are a Gieske).

            Family joke: How do you open a goose door?  With a geese key!  (Admittedly, it's only funny if you are a Gieske).


Like many families in the Greater Cincinnati area …

The Gieske family is a large clan of German origin.  "Large" is not a misnomer, either.  Ms. Gieske has 51 first cousins on her father's side alone.  German productivity is not a myth! 

As a third generation member of the family, Ms. Gieske vividly recalls the strong work ethic and familial loyalty exhibited by her German grandparents.  She is proud to embody these traits and strives to incorporate them into the work she does for each and every client.   

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