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Dedicated to Serving the Legal Needs of the People of Greater Cincinnati

Gieske Law Office appreciates that there is no shortage of attorneys in the Cincinnati area.  The question is, have you found a good attorney yet?  A good attorney is easy to talk to.  A good attorney returns your phone calls promptly and keeps you informed on the case.  A good attorney approaches cases in an original and creative way to craft winning arguments.  A good attorney is passionately engaged with the law, and it shows.

Ms. Gieske will prove to you that she is a good attorney.  Following her graduation from law school, Ms. Gieske served seven years as a judicial clerk for the Ohio Court of Appeals in Middletown.  She composed hundreds of judicial opinions in civil and criminal cases spanning many different areas of law.  This behind-the-scenes perspective afforded Ms. Gieske special insight into the judicial process.


Due to her experience as an appellate judicial clerk, Ms. Gieske's select perspective makes her the premiere choice for appellate representation in the Greater Cincinnati area.  In addition, Ms. Gieske serves clients' needs in areas such as family law, property, contracts, wills, debt settlement, criminal defense, and more.

Licensure and Court Admissions

Ms. Gieske is currently licensed in good standing in the state of Ohio.  She expects to be admitted to practice in the state of Kentucky in April 2018.  Until that time, she may be able to handle your Kentucky matter by gaining temporary admission to the Kentucky bar for that matter only.  This is known as pro hac vice ("proh hock vee-chay") admission.

Ms. Gieske's current federal court admissions include the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio and the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.  Once she is formally admitted to practice in Kentucky, she intends on seeking admission before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky as well.


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Your initial consultation is confidential and FREE.

Visit my office for a no-obligation consultation to assess your case.  The core office hours for Gieske Law Office are Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM.  Ms. Gieske will do her best to be flexible if you are unable to meet during normal business hours.  Contact the firm to schedule an office visit; no walk-ins please.

Note: Initial consultations are limited to one hour maximum.



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